The story behind the sounds

Soundsystem UnitedSounds is a Roots and Culture reggae-dancehall-sound. In the reggae music "sector/D.J." world, Soundsystem UnitedSounds is a well known Soundsystem. RasDre & Sista Taki are the foundation and they are in the business from 1993. Until 2014 UnitedSounds collaborated with singers like Kenny B, Irieginal Abraham (Beef), Sista Taki & SistaRedlock.

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Upcomming events that we play at

Thu 13th Oct '16

Reggae Sundance presents Eek-A-Mouse & UnitedSounds

Effenaar - Eindhoven

Fri 14th Oct '16

Reggae Movement presents Eek-A-Mouse & UnitedSounds

Duycker - Hoofddorp

Sat 05th Nov '16

Skanking Saturday presents UnitedSounds & JahSoldier

Hall Of Fame - Tilburg

Fri 16th Dec '16

Irie Altstadt Reggae presents Unitedsounds

Café Altstadt - Eindhoven