The story behind the sounds

Soundsystem UnitedSounds is a Roots and Culture reggae-dancehall-sound. In the reggae music "sector/D.J." world, Soundsystem UnitedSounds is a well known Soundsystem. RasDré & Sista Taki are the foundation and they are in the business from 1993. On a regular base UnitedSounds works with singers like Kenny B, Irieginal Abraham (Beef) & Taki.

Soundsystem UnitedSounds has played their tunes and performed at big reggae shows. As well they performed in almost every well known venue of The Netherlands as Paradiso, Nightown, Effenaar, 013, Doornroosje, Paard, Melkweg, Tivoli.

Soundsystem UnitedSounds hit the stage at the great, Dutch and international well known Lowlands Festival. Also they performed at the Reggae Sundance Festival in Eindhoven, Two Seven Splash Festival in Amsterdam, and Zwarte Cross Festival 'Reggae Area', Lichtevoorde. International, Soundsystem UnitedSounds went up to Paris in France, Budapest in Hungaria, Thessaloniki in Greece, Helsinki in Finland, Belgium and Germany.

The Crew


MC, DJ & Selekter & Sound Owner

Sista Taki

DJ, Singer & Sound Owner

Upcomming events

Sat 21st May '16

UnitedSounds & Alpha Blondy

013 Poppodium, Tilburg

Sat 04th Jun '16

Skanking Saturday with UnitedSounds & JahSoldier & CrucialSounds

Hall of Fame, Tilburg

Sun 12th Jun '16

Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag with UnitedSounds and more

FlevoPark, Amsterdam

Sat 23rd Jul '16

UnitedSounds on ZwarteCross

Zwarte Cross, Lichtevoorde

Fri 02nd Sep '16

UnitedSounds and more

Café Altstadt, Eindhoven

Sat 03rd Sep '16

Skanking Saturday with UnitedSounds & JahSoldier


Sat 05th Nov '16

Skanking Saturday with UnitedSounds & JahSoldier

Hall of Fame, Tilburg

Fri 16th Dec '16

UnitedSounds and more

Café Altstadt, Eindhoven

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